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Frequently Asked Questions

Motherkind Keepsakes

How much breastmilk is needed?

For breastmilk inclusion pieces, I ask for 1 oz though I can work with less if needs be. Either fresh or previously frozen milk, as the milk is not for consumption it is absolutely fine if the milk is over 1 year old (frozen).

How many ashes or hair are needed?

For ashes inclusions pieces, I request around half a teaspoon ( this doesn't need to be precise) sent in a small sealed bag or container that you feel comfortable with. Most ashes inclusion customers prefer to send their inclusion either signed for, or special delivery for extra reassurance.

I can work with just a few strands of hair, this should be sent in a small clear resealable bag with your name on.

Please also include the name of the person whose ashes or hair are being included within the jewellery, inside the package. This is the name that will be displayed on the certificate of authenticity.

How do i know my ring size?

Making sure the right ring size is ordered is the clients responsibility, as this cannot be changed once the order has been placed. Amazon sell strip ring sizers for around £1.50, these are the quickest and most reliable way to measure your ring size. 

Make the ring sizer into a loop and place on your finger, tighten the loop until it feels comfortable, then slide the sizer up and down your finger, ensuring it slides comfortably over your knuckle. Your size is the letter the arrow on the sizer is pointing at 

* If the wrong size is ordered and the ring is too big, ring size adjusters can be purchased online. If the ring is too small the stone can be moved to a larger size ring for a charge of £40 for Halo Collection rings. It is not possible to move the stone from channel or bezel setting rings, as removing the stone damages it

Motherkind Keepsakes accepts no responsibility for rings ordered in incorrect sizes, as all rings are purchased in the size on the order form and are checked to make sure the are the correct size when they arrive at the studio.

How durable is the jewellery

Aftercare is very important for both silver and resin jewellery, so its very important that you do look after your piece to keep it looking perfect for as long as possible. Please do read the comprehensive aftercare guide on the menu, so that you understand how best to look after your precious piece of jewellery.

How do I send my inclusion to you?

It helps to keep timescales down if inclusions are sent directly to me. For extra reassurance during Royal Mail strikes I would strongly recommend sending inclusions by special delivery.


For breastmilk inclusions I ask that 1 oz is sent double storage bagged and labelled with your name. First class Monday to Thursday, or special delivery on a Friday is best to avoid it sitting in the sorting office over the weekend. Please ensure that the name of the person whose breastmilk it is and your name are on the bag.

For ashes, hair or fur inclusions, around half a teaspoon of ashes is needed, or a few strands of hair/fur. This should be sent in a small sealed bag or container that you feel comfortable with. Most ashes inclusion customers prefer to send their inclusion either signed for. or special delivery for extra reassurance. Please ensure your inclusion is clearly marked with your name, and the name of whom the ashes/hair belong to.

Where do I send my inclusion?

All inclusions should be sent to:

Motherkind Keepsakes

47 Acres Road

Quarry Bank

West Midlands 


What happens to my inclusion when you receive them?

When I receive your ashes inclusion it is safely and respectfully stored until it is time to make your memorial piece. I individually place each piece of the ashes to guarantee clarity in each stone. Any that are unused will be returned inside a small satin pouch with your order.

Breastmilk inclusions are preserved into a powder that is safe to mix with resin, this process is started the day your inclusion is received. Any preserved powder that is unused, is safely stored in case of future orders, this helps speed up the process

How will my order be sent home?

All orders are sent home by Royal Mail  48 Hours Tracked service (maximum cost £3), Please do leave a valid email address and telephone number on your order as Royal Mail will contact you with tracking details

Special Delivery is also available at checkout (or in the shop section if you would like to upgrade your postage once the order is placed) for £7, this service can be fully tracked along the way home.

Orders over £300 will be upgraded to special delivery at no extra cost

During Royal Mail strikes I would recommend upgrading to special delivery, for extra reassurance.

When will my order arrive?

Classic Collection Pieces have a turnaround time of 15-20working

Halo Collection pieces take 6-8weeks  

During busy periods (Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc) these turnaround times may be a little longer. If you need jewellery or keepsakes for a specific date please order well in advance to avoid disappointment.

These turnaround times depend on inclusions being sent as soon as possible, if delayed turnaround times will extend accordingly.

What do I do if i damage my inclusion stone?

If the main inclusion stone gets damaged accidentally, or the aftercare instructions aren't followed, I offer a clean and repair service for £40 , this can be found in the shop section of the website.  This service does not cover the accent stones on the ring or pendant.

Where is the best place to contact you?

If you have any questions that you would like answered quickly, or would like to see other styles that are not currently available on the website, you can message me over on the Facebook page:

Alternatively you can use the contact form on the website, the reply to this will be sent to the email address provided.

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