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Jewellery Aftercare

All sterling silver jewellery sold by Motherkind Keepsakes is made of the highest quality materials, as I truly believe that pieces as precious as these, deserve precious metals. 

Aftercare of sterling silver is so important as it can tarnish, which is a completely natural process where the metal oxidizes and turns black, it has nothing at all to do with the quality of the silver. There are so many factors that can contribute to this, and speed up the process, so please follow these guidelines to ensure your silver stays shiny as long as possible:

Remove jewellery before bathing, showering or swimming as water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can encourage silver to tarnish.


– Chemicals in make-up, hair spray, scent and moisturiser can also affect the beauty and shine of your jewellery, so put on your jewellery after applying any beauty products.


– Avoid any scratches to your jewellery by removing it when doing the cleaning, playing sport or other strenuous activities.


– Although you may wish to wear your items when on the beach or sunbathing, extreme temperatures and strong UV rays can cause jewellery to fade in colour and lose their original beauty, whilst sand can damage its surface.


– Take care of your unworn items by storing them in separate containers to avoid tangling and scratching. We also recommend using acid-free paper to avoid condensation which may harm the metal.

-When removing jewellery to store use the silver polishing cloth provided in your package to wipe away any chemicals that may have built up throughout the day.

**** As these pieces have a resin inclusion stone DO NOT soak your pieces in any silver cleaning solution as this will damage the stone****



Resin Aftercare

All pieces are made from a very high quality jewellery grade, UV stable (none yellowing) epoxy resin, this means that with the right aftercare your stones can stay perfect. Please follow these guidelines that are sent with your order to ensure the clarity of your stone:

-Do not allow contact with perfumes, body lotions, oils, alcohol (including hand sanitizer) and cleaning products, as these can cause your stone to become cloudy or discoloured

- Do not leave in direct sunlight 

-Avoid prolonged contact with water and remove jewellery when sleeping

-Wipe away any marks are smudges with a soft dry cloth the avoid scratches

- Do not store with any sharp or abrasive surfaces as resin surfaces can scratch

-Store jewellery in a box when not being worn

Each stone does come with a 1 year guarantee, so if the stone gets damaged or becomes cloudy please contact me. Breastmilk stones can be completely replaced as I have your preserved milk in stock from when you ordered, and ashes, hair or fur inclusion stones can be clear coated to bring back their shine. This service is completely free of charge in the first year, after 1 year there is a small charge of £40 for this service, and it can be found by searching Clean and Repair at the top of the website.

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